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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: help with "forrest-test" gump run
Date Thu, 27 Dec 2012 06:18:17 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >
> > Help please with working out why the "forrest-test" run of Gump is broken.
> >
> Sorry, have been (and likely will continue to be for the next few days)
> mostly offline.

Thanks, me too.

> You have modified the build process enough that there
> is no fetch-local-unversioned-plugin target to see in the log anymore.

Yep, i am trying a completely different approach now.
Deploying the plugins, then forcing the test to use them
rather than forrest's fancy plugin finding mechanism.

> Right now I see configure-plugin failing for PDF - is the where you'd
> suppose the plugin to be downloaded?

It is different now :-) This is fine, as i am gradually working
to fix various things that Gump encounters. I reckon that it
is on the home straight.

> Looking through FOR-1235 and your XSL, you have
> <target name="fetch-local-unversioned-plugin" unless="plugin-found">
> which means the target would be skipped if the property plugin-found was
> set for any reason.
>  The Gump output you quote inside the JIRA ticket
> really looks like the one you'd get if a target was skipped because of
> an if/unless attribute.

Drat, i should have updated the issue with a snippet from
a more recent Gump run. I think that it got past that stage
but completely missed the next "get-local".

After this new approach is settled, i hope to make some time.

Of course the challenge is to work out why the difference
between a local build and the Gump one.

> You certainly could be triggering a bug/feature in Ant or Ant-Contrib
> present only in trunk but not the version you use locally, but neither
> project has been really active lately so that's not too likely.
> Maybe you could build Ant from trunk and see whether your local build
> still fails with that as well.

Good idea. It has been a while since Forrest upgraded various
dependencies, so a job that needs doing anyway.

Thanks again for your efforts Stefan.


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