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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: xml-commons RIP
Date Sun, 15 Apr 2012 05:44:06 GMT

-----Original Message----- 
From: Konstantin Kolinko
Sent: Saturday, April 14, 2012 7:47 PM
To: Gump code and data
Subject: Re: xml-commons RIP

2012/4/15 Bill Barker <>:
>> It seems that xml-commons' repository has gone away.  I found this out 
>> while
>> testing a local version of Gump that had no checkouts. Given that it is
>> stale, and in the boot-classpath of just about every ant project, it 
>> should
>> go away for modern JVMs.  I just want opinions on options. As I see it 
>> the
>> choices are:
>> 1) leave the stale projects, but remove the boot attribute. Upside, least
>> amount of work. Downside, nobody will be able to set up a fresh Gump.
>> 2) make the projects empty, and think of something for the couple of
>> projects that have a <property .../> depend (or just let them fail).
>> 3) remove it completely and edit a large number of projects that refer to 
>> it
>> 4) Ignore the problem completely until there is a break with the JVM.
>> My personal preference is in order 2,1,4,3, but want to hear other 
>> opinions
>> first.
>I did not find it in ASF Attic so I went on looking into svn log. So I see 
>it was moved into "/xerces/xml-commons":
>About the above list of options :
>I do not understand what you meant by 2). You clear the metadata file
>of that module? Or you meant start over with empty list of modules in
>Regarding 3) the only projects that explicitly refer to xml-commons
>are ant, ant-1.8.x, xml-xerces2. That is not much. The rest should be
>an indirect dependency. I wonder whether Ant really needs it.
>When dealing with svn repositories it is also possible to 5) "freeze"
>them in time by setting certain peg and operative revisions. I do not
>know whether Gump supports that (as it defeats its purpose), but it
>might be doable.
>If those repository paths are passed to command-line client as is,
>this syntax might be already working:
> <svn repository="asf" dir="xml/commons/trunk@1311707"/>
I> am not doing any updates to the metadata now - I think you would
>better try on a standalone Gump that you have, because so many
>projects depend on it.
>Best regards,
>Konstantin Kolinko

Well, you did more research than me :). So that gives the option
6) reset the <svn .../> tag to point to the new location
That would make 6) my favorite now, but still wonder if xml-api should still 
be on the boot classpath anymore with modern JVMs.

By 2) I meant something like :
<project name="xml-api" /project>
in the Gump metadata. It will resolve for the couple hundred ant projects 
that use it, but use the JVM's xml parser.

There are a couple of old (and largely dead) projects that reference a 
project in xml-api via a <property .../> tag. And almost every ant build 
references it since it (used to be) needed at runtime to boot up ant.

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