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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Gump on adam.a.o trouble with Forrest build
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2011 12:19:29 GMT
On 2011-01-09, David Crossley wrote:

> David Crossley wrote:
>> David Crossley wrote:
>>> Stefan Bodewig wrote:

>>>> I haven't looked at forrest's build file but I assume the <java> task
>>>> you use to start Cocoon forks a new VM which does not see the system
>>>> properties set for the VM used by Ant.

>>> Ah, i wondered about that. Yes it does.

>>>> You could explicitly set the headless property in your <java> task
>>>> you can try to set the system property[1] to true from
>>>> inside your Gump descriptor (I'll do so shortly) which should copy over
>>>> the system properties from Ant's VM including the headless one.

>>> The latter would be better. Thanks.

>> That got past the hang on adam now thanks.

>> Some new strangeness. We now need to require "jakarta-regexp" (on
>> vmgump and zone too).  We must have been getting this for free, prior
>> to adding the "clonevm".

Is there some version of Xalan on the CLASSPATH of your forked VM that
may be different from the one Gump creates?  If so maybe prior to using
clonevm you've been picking up the one you specified in your build file.

Gump provides the "unbundled" Xalan jar while there is another version
of it that - among other things - contains a version of regexp inside of

>> Anyway, added now in r1056590.

> Mmmm, things are getting worse since adding the "clonevm".
> The "forrest-test-basic" project that used to work are now
> failing with configuration problems.

> I don't know how to debug this. Any ideas?

Not really.  Getting Ant into debug mode verbose mode should give us an
idea of what the classpath looks like when the VM is forked.

My guess right now is that your forked VM now has some parts on the
system classloader that didn't use to be there and that those parts try
to load resources from a classloader other than the system classloader
(traversing the hierarchy in the wrong direction).


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