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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: compatibility issue
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2010 05:03:36 GMT
On 2010-11-09, Ludmila Shikhvarg wrote:

> I'm a new gump user and started to use gump for jdk compatibility
> testing.

Great.  Are your results public?

> Some projects (exp: junit, hamcrest) are failed to build due to:
> [javac] javac: target release 1.5 conflicts with default source
> release 1.7

They likely only provide a target attribute in their build files but no
source attribute to the javac task.  This could be fixed in Ant.  Ant
already implicitly sets -source to 1.2 if target is < 1.5 when it
detects it is running on Java5 and source was not specified.  The same
could be done for Java7.

Then again Ant doesn't support jdk7 at all right now.  "7" or "1.7" are
no legal values for javac's target or source attribute and Ant wouldn't
detect it was running on JDK7 either.

> Is it a known issue?

Not yet.

> Where can I report any issues related to jdk7?

Likely with the projects that would need to be adapted rather than with
Gump.  In this case Ant would be the correct place.


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