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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Problem with collections test dependency
Date Mon, 13 Sep 2010 22:10:51 GMT
On 13 September 2010 20:41, Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:
> On 2010-09-13, sebb wrote:
>> On 13 September 2010 05:11, Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:
>>> FWIU CLASSPATH is completely irrelevant for Surefire.  Surefire uses
>>> what you specify inside your POM, that's it.
>> Not sure I follow - does that mean that Gump does not override the
>> Maven definitions for Surefire?
> Gump can't, mvn doesn't allow it to.
> Gump installs a proxy between mvn and the central repo (as well as a few
> well know other repositories) and when mvn asks for an artifact that has
> already been built by Gump (ignoring versions) the proxy will hand out
> Gump's jar - otherwise the one from central will be provided.
> So build order decides what may be available the POM decided what mvn
> asks for in the first place.  You can influence things by pushing a
> custom POM into the mvn proxy (I've done so for Xalan so that anybody
> who needs Xalan also requires serializer.jar) but this hasn't been done
> often so far.
> If a project asks for commons-collections with groupId
> commons-collections it will get the one built by Gump from the 3.x
> branch - if that has already been built - or the one from central.
> commons-collections4 should never be provided to a project unless mvn is
> asking for the groupId org.apache.commons.
>> Commons-scxml-test [1] fails with the same classpath problem
>> [3],[4],[5], even though collections3 is on the classpath [2]
> The root cause is a change in commons-beanutils.
> <>
> SCXML depends on Digester depends on Beanutils.  The latter now (in
> trunk) depends on commons-collections.  Digester uses the POM from
> commons-beanutils in central which only has an optional dependency on
> commons-collections and the jar built by Gump where it has become
> non-optional.
> There are (at least) two solutions:
> * make Digester explicitly depend on commons-collections (may not help
>  SCXML).

Already tried that - does not seem to help.

> * publish commons-beanutils' POM together with the jar to the mvn proxy
>  (just a matter of adding a <pom> element to the Gump descriptor) so
>  commons-collections ends up being a transitive dependency for digester
>  and scxml.

Now trying that.

> Stefan
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