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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Please add <relativePath> elements to the <parent> in Excalibur POMs
Date Mon, 22 Jun 2009 09:05:51 GMT
Dear Excalibur devs

it is great to see Excalibur starting some activity again.

When you removed the Maven 1.x buildsystem sometime last week (or so)
you forced Gump to use your mvn descriptors (no problem here, other
than that of metadata maintenance).

So far Gump has split up Excalibur into many small buildable pieces,
each one corresponding to a single artifact.  Those pieces know how
they depend on each other (based on the care by people who knew what
they did, i.e. not me 8-).

We'd like to keep it that way for the Maven 2 build which means we'd
like to build Excalibur without using the reactor build because the
later doesn't allow us a state where some of the pieces built
successfully and other didn't.  The reactor is an all or nothing

My first naive conversions (for framework/api and
cornerstone/sockets/api) fail because mvn cannot locate the parent
POM.  It tries to locate it inside the (local) repository but it can't
find it there since it has never been deployed there in the first

Unless anybody with more mvn foo than I have can tell me how to deploy
the parent POM (using mvn and no manual intervention of any kind, that
is) another option would be if you could provide <relativePath>
elements for all your <parent> definitions in your POMs.  I think this
would benefit occasional developers anyway.



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