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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: ActiveMQ...?
Date Mon, 10 Dec 2007 00:20:10 GMT

"Robert Burrell Donkin" <> wrote in message 
>i added some activeMQ integration code into JAMES but i can't see a
>project descriptor for activeMQ in gump. have i just missed it?

I haven't seen a commit message for this, so I doubt that it is there.

>if not, activeMQ is mavenised - is there a special arrangement for

I haven't had time to look if the M2 repository change is working yet.  If 
it is, then you have no chance of activeMQ ever building, since it depends 
on a bunch of projects that don't build (actually pretty much nothing is 
building at the moment, since junit is broken :).  In this case, activeMQ 
would probably need to be a packaged project, unless you don't care that 
Gump won't run James ;).

If the repository change isn't working yet, then it's just a matter of 
specifing a <mvn /> tag for the build task.  This will build activeMQ 
against the maven-specified versions (and so is virtually useless to the 
activeMQ community).  But it at least lets the James community know if the 
activeMQ community makes an incompatible change.

>- robert

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