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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Maven 2 Proxy Progress
Date Wed, 10 Oct 2007 04:09:47 GMT

if you look at the test builds on helios you can see the repository
proxy in action.  The webapplication gets started and stopped and
artifacts get added to it once they have been built.

Looking at <> you
can see that Gump's version of JUnit has been served as junit-3.8.2.

What you can also see are the two remaining main problems:

(1) If a mvn build downloads something without declaring a dependency
    on it, it may get the version from the official Maven repo.  This
    is the case with junit-3.8.1 reight now.

    This version will end up inside the local repo and never be

(2) As usual our names and Maven2 names don't always match.

Problem (1) can be addressed by figuring out the offenders and adding
the dependencies.  If all else fails a project can state that it needs
a separate local repository from the rest, we can allow those projects
to use the official repository in order to break cyclic dependencies.

For problem (2) I'd introduce new attributes on project and jar.

Before I further go down that route I'd like to get some feedback.  Am
I on the right track or would anybody be opposed to me merging the
mvn repository proxy stuff into the live branch once it has seen a bit
more testing on helios?


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