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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: AW: Failing project: smartfrog-test
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2007 11:14:34 GMT wrote:
>>> Smartfrog-Test uses the old namespace of Ivy.
>> e/common.
>>> xml?revision=3965&view=markup
>>>     1 <?xml version="1.0"?>
>>>     2 <project name="common" basedir="."
>>>     3      xmlns:ivy="antlib:fr.jayasoft.ivy.ant"
>>>     4     >
>>> and I cant see any ivy.jar in the classpath ...
>>> Because Ivy know is build by Gump we could set a dependency on that.
>> hey, that's my project.
> I know ;-)

Gump is something I like to have working, but not top priority

-We just got CruiseControl up again after six weeks outage of rmic 
failing under CC, with an obscure error we still haven't identified.
-I wasted last week not getting Luntbuild to work against SVN properties 
with a proxy in the way.
-We have just got a Bamboo license to try that instead.

I'm trying to set up a build at work where we have the CI server create 
the artifacts, then test each component standalone, rather than the 
cruise control binary 'tests passed/tests failed' view of the world. 
This will be  done on a Xen image that will get hosted on a server; that 
way the functional tests will screw up anything else. I'm starting and 
stopping mysql through my tests right now, and that really upsets 
programs and people that depend on mysql to be live all the time.

So, I will add the gump stuff, but it isnt the primary build I'm trying 
to set up.

What I'd really like is a Xen image I could host on Amazon EC2, but then 
the CI server needs to persist history to the S3 back end.


>> 1. it should have a dependency, if it isn't, then yes
> I cant see any ...
>   <project name="smartfrog-test">
>     <package>org.smartfrog</package>
>     <ant basedir="testharness" target="test">   
>       <property name="ant.home" reference="home" project="ant"/>
>       <property name="env.SFHOME" path="smartfrog/dist"
> project="smartfrog"/>
>       <property name="system.tests" value="false" /> 
>       <property name="junit.jar" project="junit3" reference="jarpath"/>
>     </ant>
>     <depend project="ant" runtime="false"/>
>     <depend project="junit3" runtime="true"/>
>     <depend project="smartfrog" runtime="true"/>
>     <depend project="smartfrog-tasks" runtime="false"/>
>     <depend project="smartfrog-testharness" runtime="true"/>
>     <work nested="testharness/build/test/classes"/>
>     <junitreport nested="testharness/build/test/reports"/>
>     <nag from="Smartfrog &lt;;"
>         to="">
>       <regexp subject="[Gump:Smartfrog] smartfrog test failure"/>
>     </nag>
>   </project>
> The project "smartfrog" has a dependency on ivy ...
>   <project name="smartfrog" >
>     <depend project="ant" runtime="false" inherit="runtime"/>
>     <depend project="commons-logging" runtime="true"/>
>     <depend project="logging-log4j" runtime="true"/>
>     <depend project="javacc" runtime="false"/>
>     <depend project="ivy" runtime="true"/>
>   </project>

I'll fix it. Bringing up Gump now.

>> 2. no, we cant switch to any new namespace, as we need to build under 
>> 1.4.1...Xavier has promised to leave the old namespace around
> ok, you're more familiar with Ivy than me ;-)

you need to play with it. under gump it is only there to set up the ivy 
targets and create invalid distros; gump still owns the classpath.

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