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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: hibernate3 + EJB stuff?
Date Sat, 11 Mar 2006 23:40:12 GMT

"Steve Loughran" <> wrote in message
> I have a  (low priority) need for hibernate3 and the EJB plugin. Has 
> anyone approached the hibernate people about joining gump?

Joining Gump is better than not (since there is some hope of support from 
the developers then, as well as a <nag /> :), but it's not a prerequisite. 
As long as they provide a public check-out, it's simply Ok to go ahead and 
add it to Gump.  We already have several OS projects (e.g. htmlunit) that 
we've simply gone ahead and added without asking.  If you don't ask, just 
make sure that you don't <nag /> back to their list.

Gump's current policy is to not re-distribute any jars from the Gump build, 
so Geir's licensing concerns are a non-issue for Gump.  Of course, it may be 
an issue for your projects, but that's [OT] ;-).

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