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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Maven 2.0 support status update?
Date Wed, 29 Mar 2006 01:06:54 GMT
On Wed, Mar 29, 2006 at 04:35:38AM +1100, Brett Porter wrote:
> On 3/28/06, Leo Simons <> wrote:
> > there a system-wide continuum installation at apache yet?
> No. The situation seems to be that the load on the zones is too high
> so I can't set it up there, and the new machine designed for Gump and
> Continuum seems to have stalled. So, instead, each PMC is setting up
> their own zone, with their own Continuum, increasing the load on the
> machine :)
> I took Maven's to a separate machine.

Heh. Infra@ needs more active pro java server admins.

> > Is it
> > stable enough yet to support getting lots of apache people logins to
> > do their nightly builds using it?
> Stable, yes - at least that's what I believe. I've had no complaints,
> and people don't usually hesitate to complain :)

In that case I'll go compile a list. Like, its a huge resource hog :-)

> But there's no
> sandboxes for individual projects if that was a concern to people
> running inside one instance.
> [snip bits I totally agree with]
> > so I'm kinda hoping at some point some
> > people set that up and maintain it....
> I've volunteered, but I'm a bit unsure how to move it forward. See
> infra@, <>, from Jan 06. I might resend
> that to the other infra list that I've discovered and try and get some
> feedback. It would be good to trial it for a bit and gather up any
> areas it is lacking to ensure the 1.1 release is capable of doing
> this.

I suggest sending Berin Lautenbach and Noel Bergman a direct e-mail
asking whether they could set up another host on loki (which runs
vmgump). There's a disk array accessible there so plenty of space.
Or try IRC.

I *think* I have access to set up things on that machine but I'm not
keeping up with infra@ dealings these days so I'm not gonna go and do
that without knowing what is going on.

Would be especially good for a trial -- get a good idea of what such
an install would need. I just learned there may be room for more (new)
boxes around July/August or so, so if by then its clear what is needed
that would probably be a Good Thing.

Anyway. Firmly off-topic for this list isn't it. Is there a continuum
mailing list yet? Nevermind, I'll go look.


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