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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Maven builds and library tasks
Date Mon, 27 Feb 2006 17:20:16 GMT
Bill Barker wrote:
> "Steve Loughran" <> wrote in message 
>> A couple of maven-repository related questions. as that is the main cause 
>> of the new projects I've added not building.
>> 1. how do I get the local repository into enough shape that maven1 works? 
>> This is a prerequisite to getting either ws-commons or ws-axis2 to work?
> IMHO, there is already way too much in the local repository already.  But as 
> Brett has already said, this is a limitation of how Gump and Maven interact.

I actually quite like the fact that gump at least sanity checks the 
validity of the M1/M2 dependency graph,
because if it doesnt, well, that can get you into trouble in many 
different ways. so while doing any
in-build dependency fetching of classpaths is futile, it does at least 
check that that part of your code works to the level of "all the 
declared dependencies are retrievable".

>> 2. I'm thinking of skipping classpath setup using the m2-tasks when on 
>> gump. Is there a well known properly like "" that is set when ant 
>> is running under gump, or should I make one up.
> Try build.sysclasspath=only.  This, more generally tells you that Ant is 
> going to ignore any classpath setup you do.

yes. I was also thinking of having a proper switch to say "dont run 
functional tests here"; inferring that from build.sysclasspath is 
probably bad form.

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