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From Martin van den Bemt <>
Subject Re: Upgraded vmgump to JDK 1.5
Date Sun, 19 Feb 2006 09:50:47 GMT
It seems we traded junit for commons-lang..
Maybe adding a jdk compatibility mode could be interesting to use / add (didn't look if this
working though) ?


Stefan Bodewig wrote:
> On Sat, 18 Feb 2006, Leo Simons <> wrote:
>>This is to "solve" the junit stuff right?
> JUnit is the most prominent project to require Java 5 ATM, but hardly
> the only one.  We've had other projects breaking for months now
> because we didn't provide a Java 5 environment.
>>I'm personally not happy with how effectively there's this one
>>project run by a bunch of people who don't particulary understand
>>enough about backwards compatibility
> I don't think you are fair here.  JUnit 4 uses a completely different
> approach that has been enabled by annotations.  I'm a happy NUnit user
> (.NET unit testing framework) and can tell you that using annotations
> really is a step forward over the JUnit 3.x approach.
> And when it comes to backwards compatibility, it is very likely that
> all our JUnit 3.8 tests in Gump will work with JUnit 4 as well.  It's
> simply that JUnit wants to use annotations and the only way forward
> was to require Java 5 at compile time.
> Stefan
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