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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Re: New Repository location?
Date Thu, 05 Jan 2006 03:19:45 GMT

"Paul Smith" <> wrote in message
> Hi peoples, happy NYE.
> The log4j Chainsaw project is starting to use the JmDNS project 
> (SourceForge project, ASL). I can't see any example in the gump meta- data 
> of any other project using that package, and am unclear how to  define the 
> repository for it  (or work out if it's already  defined).   I'm not sure 
> if adding a repository is a privileged  operation.

Nope. Pretty much anybody (or at least any ASF commiter) can do it ;-). 
However, for SF you usually don't need to set up a new Repository:  Just use 
the sourceforge one that's already there.

First you need to check out the Gump metadata:
  svn co

The cd to metadata/project, and create the jmdns project file.  I find it 
easiest to start with one of the existing SF projects (e.g. junit) and go 
from there.  Then cd ../profile and add your new project to gump.xml.  Check 
your stuff in, and Gump will pick it up and try to build it on the next 

> The repository details are here:
> Can someone help out here?
> cheers,
> Paul Smith 

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