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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: Maven2 support
Date Wed, 04 Jan 2006 03:30:22 GMT
On 1/4/06, Bill Barker <> wrote:
> At the moment, there isn't any (working) jar-override in place, so depending
> on what's in ~/.m2/repository you either get mvn complaining about missing
> dependencies, or it builds against the jar that is in there.  I'm counting
> on Brett's help to solve this bit :).

There'll no be jar overrides like in m1, but I'll go back and answer
the other mail you sent and try and get stuck into this sometime this

> Once we've got that, then I agree that Helios is probably a good place to
> test that it's all working ok before copying/merging it into live.

Either is fine by me. I have m2 projects we can test on that won't
affect the main build (eg, commons-exec, no dependencies except junit;
commons-openpgp, depends on bouncycastle and I can add maven-wagon
which depends on commons-openpgp testing all the basic relationships).

- Brett

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