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From "Bill Barker" <>
Subject Maven2 support
Date Sun, 01 Jan 2006 03:10:15 GMT
We're starting to lose projects (e.g. myfaces) due to the fact that they 
only support Maven2 builds.  I know that Gump3 should be able to support 
this much better, but in the meantime I've been trying to work out an 
interim solution for Gump2 (pretty much by trying to clone the Maven1 
stuff).  The problem is that the Maven2 docs seem to be orientated to 
'reasonable' developers, and not to 'extreme' developers like Gump.

It seems that '' has gone away in favor of 'project.xml' 
in Maven2.  Not really a problem, since writing an xml file isn't that much 
different from writing a properties file in Python.  What I can't find is 
what is the proper top-level element for 'project.xml'.  I'm guessing that 
it is <project>, but it isn't documented.  Next, is the proper property to 
override still 

I can't find this as well.

Of course, I could always grab the Maven2 source and find out all of the 
answers for myself.  I was just hoping that somebody would feel charitable 
enough to share their wisdom with me :).

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