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From sebb <>
Subject /usr/local/gump and /x1/gump - why the difference?
Date Fri, 25 Nov 2005 18:55:08 GMT
I'm trying to trace why JMeter fails to find all its tests under Gump.
It looks like it is a classpath naming problem.

The Gump run takes place with


and it compiles the tests into


The intention was to add this to the classpath, so it is specified as

<work nested="build/test"/>

However, when the classpath is printed later, all entries are all of the form:


which looks rather different.

Are these the same files?
Or are they perhaps the files from previous run?

If they are the same files, why do they have a different name?

If they are different files, then this seems to be a bug in handling
the <work> attribute?


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