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From <>
Subject AW: Gump3 Presentation
Date Fri, 28 Oct 2005 09:49:35 GMT
>> This is my first "real" project with opensource so regarding the 
>> licens files, Do I need to unpack the licens files or is it enought
>> let them be in the jar files of the third party jars ??
>they need to be in the source code tree somewhere like Stefano 
>wrote. It isn't very important what is in the jar files as we 
>aren't re-distributing anything.

Mmh - an open repository is a "small" distro. Other could check out the
and use it. Then it would be good to have the license files...

>> Also I have now added the
>> Apache Lincens in the root directory of the project. I quess I'll
>> to include it in the war archive as well when they build it with ant.
>> Please feel free to comment. I'm in this to learn and hope that you 
>> don't get sick of my stupidity and novice questions.
>Heh. Stop calling yourself stupid will you :-)

And - the will to help increases if someone tries to improve the project

>> >  -> it still uses hibernate
>> >
>> Ok... sound you don't like hibernate ? I'll update the SQL file so
>> can use both. Thats the point you can use SQL or hibernate your

Maybe a flag (e.g. system property, deployment property) could specify
which to use.
So noone has to modify files.

>Great. Please write a little readme on how to do that 
>configuration. Its not that I don't like hibernate, its that 
>hibernate is under the LGPL license which doesn't work so well 
>with the Apache License / Apache License policies.

Really, Leo?
I thought LGPL is ok and GPL not.
Ok - usually I try not to rely on non-ASF-licensed code. ONE license is
the best (over
a couple of).


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