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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Gump3 Presentation
Date Thu, 01 Sep 2005 18:07:13 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Thomas wrote:
>> Hi !
>> I have now uploaded a working compy of the Gump3 pressentation. The
>> webapplication is far from done. But it would be nice with some
>> feedback. The code is a bit of a mess so refactoring is indeed needed.
>> Mostly I would like idees on what functionality you would like to se in
>> the application.
>> Also a comment on the documentation/installation manual would be nice.
>> My spelling isn't that good so, be nice ;) but don't keep quite either.
>> (need to learn)
>> So if you have the time please take a look.
> I'm on it.
> A few comments:
>  1) thanks for keeping the dynagump resources!
>  2) I never used struts but seems easy to learn by example, which is 
> good for this (and probably much easier than cocoon for newbies)
>  3) I never ran a JSP on this machine (macosx) and I'm experiencing all 
> sort of defective behaviors in jetty due to the jsp compiler trying to 
> open a jni library as a zip file (???)
>  4) the web application should *never* start with a directory listing, 
> the index.jsp page should be in the root not in a folder that you have 
> to guess where to go
>  5) the tar.gz package should be a war and should contain the classes 
> compiled into /WEB-INF/classes so that you can deploy-and-forget (or at 
> least just change the JDBC parameters)
>  6) the SQL data seems weird, but this is probably not your fault
>  7) java 1.5 is, IMNSHO, a little too bleeding edge (especially on a 
> mac) and eclipse gives all sort of warnings. Not having used generics 
> yet, I still have no clue of what they mean and how serious they are. 
> You might want to look into that, though, code should not have warnings.
>  8) I have not looked into the code yet, as I still can't run JSP pages, 
> but I will as soon as I can.
>  9) there should be a /legal folder that contains all the licenses of 
> the libraries
>  10) and would also be nice to have a file that depicts the dependencies 
> between the libraries (so that we could have gump building dynagump)
>  11) you say the mysql jdbc driver is in /lib but it's not (or at least, 
> not as a standalone jar)... but I suggest we keep it out since it's GPL 
> stuff.
> In any case, it looks like a very good job from where I stand. Will know 
> more as soon as I can get it running ;-)

Seem that Java 1.5 was indeed a bad idea.

Thomas, how much work would be to downgrade this to 1.4?


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