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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: temporarily disable nags for Directory in gump?
Date Mon, 15 Aug 2005 05:45:33 GMT
On 15-08-2005 01:09, "Brett Porter" <> wrote:
> Having looked at the recent problems with Apache Directory, I can't
> immediately fix them. The checkout is locked and I don't have access
> to vmgump. I hadn't been tracking these since it moved from brutus.

Would you like access? Heck, would you like to be on the Gump PMC?

> While you might want to look into automating svn cleanup on locked
> checkouts,


leosimons@vmgump:/usr/local/gump/public/workspace/directory-naming$ svn
svn: '' is not a working copy directory

Could you be more specific?

> I'm proposing we disable the directory descriptors (or at
> least the nags) for now. There seem to be a steady flow of problems in
> the build that are not actually broken builds.

If that's what you really want. Just comment out the <nag/> elements in the
descriptors and no e-mail will be sent.

I'll point out that in general if your build "keeps breaking" (rather than
being broken all the time) that's because it keeps changing in
non-compatible ways. I know I've always have had loads of trouble getting it
all to compile everytime I tried to look at it. Directory does have a
problem there.

Oh, and the second bit I'll mention is that it seems no-one ever pays
attention to the builds for their project unless they get e-mail, so
there'll probably be a 'hump' to get over once you get back to sending
yourself e-mail :-)

There's a few example of bigger maven-based builds (for example I know about
Excalibur) that tend to build fine.

> This would just be until such time as:
> a) somebody else in the gump tree depends on directory libraries (at
> which point gump becomes useful as a regression test, and it is worth
> the effort to keep them up to date, but at the moment nothing does)
> b) gump3 goes live which should be able to read the maven descriptors
> directly which should just mean that nags are actually things broken,
> not gump integration issues

Mind you -- that's still going to be a while.

- Leo

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