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From Thomas <>
Subject Re: AW: Gump presentation
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 19:59:16 GMT wrote:

>>>Is there a chance that I can mail it somewhere rether then fax it? I 
>>>don't have a fax so that would make it a lot easier for me.
>>The CLA at includes 
>>the address:
>>The Apache Software Foundation,
>>1901 Munsey Drive,
>>Forest Hill,
>>MD 21050-2747,
>I think email is not possibility because you cant sign it (manually with
>pen :-)
>IMHO fax or snail mail are the only possible ways to get your CLA there.
Sorry ment email not snailmail.
I have sent it by mail but since it din't get ther. I'll try something
else. And email it's just a mater of administration I have a scanner so
I can sign the document and send a scanned copy by email. That way it
dosen't cost me anything and It will go much faster. The question is if
apache accepts scanned copies of the orginal but since they take faxed
copies there shouldn't mater and it comes down to the administrative part.


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