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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: GUMP Comparisons
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 17:36:00 GMT
Hi Hal!

Trask, Hal wrote:
> I am in the process of setting up an environment to do "Continuous
> Integration". Lots of (non .Net code (C++)) and (.Net code) in the future,
> are and, will be involved.. I am looking at tools that will work with
> Subversion (source code repository), do scheduling (cron-like scheduling
> scripts for kicking off and managing builds and test), perform the automated
> builds, perform unit/performance/regression testing, etc.

Gump does continuous integration and can fire off tools like make and
other tools for eg running your tests. I think we have some support for
NAnt but I don't know much about the whole .Net area (Adam, care to
comment?). We actually *use* cron for scheduling gump runs.

> I am looking at products such as NAnt, NUnit, CruiseControl.Net, BuildRobot,
> and a couple others such as "gump" but can't seem to distinguish on which
> products are best.

"best" is a complex word in this problem space :-). Depends on what you
want to do...

> Can anybody comment on why I should use GUMP instead of any other products
> or comment on "other product" comparisons or comment on the "NAnt and NUnit"
> or "BuildRobot" products....

Heh. Gump is less of a "product" than CruiseControl.Net and more of a
"project". In many ways its apples and pears. I have some presentation
slides at

which try and point out in some detail how gump is different from eg
cruisecontrol (note I don't know much about the .Net variant there
either). "Better" depends very much on what you want to do. If you want
"predictable builds" gump is a nightmare, because we very much focus on
the "unpredictable" problems and try and help with identifying those.

I don't know what BuildRobot is, but I know NAnt and NUnit are clones of
Ant and JUnit which are top-notch de-facto standards in the java space.
Based on that I'd just go with NAnt :-)

hope this helps...


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