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From Thomas <>
Subject Gump presentation
Date Wed, 10 Aug 2005 14:11:51 GMT
Hi !

I have made some progress and I'm wondering where to send my code is it
ok to just add a sub catalog to the existing svn tree if so do I have
permisson to do so and where should I put that folder if not.
Where can I mail it? to this list? With a specifik format for the mail?
Adam talked about [jira] but couldn't give me a good answer to that.

Since this is my first commit to a openscource project I'm also
interested in information of whats needed in my commit. I know I need to
have a README with installation and requirements. Also I need a TODO to
describe what more I think can/should be done to the project.

The project is build by ant to a .war archive should I make some .sh and
.bat files for the build part. Should I have it as a .war or should I
leav it as an open archive?
(.war = web archive used to make the deployment on an application server
easyer. packs the webapplication to one single file that you deploy)

just eager to get my code out there and to get some responce and
feedback on it.



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