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From "Justin Merz" <>
Subject Gump3 and Maven update
Date Wed, 17 Aug 2005 18:16:34 GMT

Gump list,

I have my first patch up and ready to go.  This patch does not complete all
of the tasks to resolve a maven project, but is getting close.  All the
work should be complete by the beginning of September and I will work on
any issues that arise afterwards.  Please send me your feed back on what I
have done so far and I’ll continue working on the outstanding tasks.
	So far this is how gump handles maven projects: gump checks for a type
=”maven” flag in This flag will have to be added to any module
calling a maven project for gump to recognize the file.  Gump then calls, the gumped-maven file creation utility.  Basically this file
contains functions for parsing the maven project descriptor and then
creating a new gump project file.
	Some notable attributes of the parser are as follows.  First, if a gump
repository ID does not exist in the maven file, gump attempts to create one
from maven’s own connection tags.  Second, maven files can have <extend>
tags to allow the project description to be defined over two files, telling
gump to check both files for any relevant information.  Third, the parser
adds a new <maven> build tag which will be used by the new maven plugin. 
After this new gump-maven project file is created, its href is passed back
to and is used instead of the original file. 
	Finally, I have added a maven plugin for gump.  This runs much like the
ant plugin, only the maven plugin gets called by the <maven> tag added in  It then parses the tag and creates the correct command line
call to build a maven project.
	With that all being said here are a few open issues.  I am still working
on the command line call.  I have set a basic call that is passed over for
the moment (so this patch will not currently build a maven project).  I
still need to handle the jar tag in the maven file creation.  Also, I need
to implement a better fix for id-mismatches between gump and maven. 
Currently I have a mapping function which is a simple dictionary
relationship of known ID mismatch’s.  For the time being I have put this in
engine/ for easy updating.


Here’s the feature request link in jira with the svn diff file attached.

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