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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Runtime.exec & Ant & Gump3
Date Tue, 12 Jul 2005 13:43:07 GMT
Adam R. B. Jack wrote:
>>No. Gump2 does not set the process group id. Gump3 calls setpgrp (man
>>setpgrp :-)). Note there isn't a whole lot of software out there that
>>make setpgrp calls...
> Yes Leo, it does.

NooOOOhOOooohhoh! :-)

WTF. Crap. So now I really have no clue where the problem is. We may
have a python bug then.

> Recall I implemented a scheme right before you got input
> on how to do it (we even discussed if my approach would work, or not. :-)
> The code is messy (for historical reasons, and 'cos it was tryign to do
> sometihng on M$) but it is here.

And, more importantly, it works. Remember it took the python people a
POpen, POpen2, POpen3, POpen4, POpen5 to get to subprocess.POpen, which
as it turns out isn't all that perfect yet either.

I just really really want to know *why* it works (or not).

> BTW: A month or so ago I notice Gump2 hanging, when I ran it from command
> line, and it seemed to improve if I passed it "< /dev/null".

Would you be able to figure out something more specific than "A month ago"?

> I kinda figured
> something had changed in Ant, or in one of the Ant scripts, that was
> blocking on input. That said, I never tracked anything down

I think that might be worth it.

> & I don't know
> if it is still happening.

I suspect the important bit here is that gump2 does this:

        # Allow redirect
        cmd += ' >>' + str(outputFile) + ' 2>&1'

        # Run the command
        systemReturn = os.system(cmd)

cuz otherwise most of the end results are the same, eg gump2 also does

                (childPID, waitcode) = os.waitpid(forkPID,0)

and the like. However, uses os.execvp() or os.execvpe()
and not os.system. I'll have to take a look at the source code of
posix.system() (which powers os.system). There's definitely some file
descriptor magic to fix, somewhere.



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