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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Gump3 Presentation -- choice of technology
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 14:20:41 GMT
Thomas wrote:

> Stefano Some questions for you about cocoon.


> I have just poked around abit but what I find mostly is "look at the
> examples". That is a good way to learn if you know some basic stuff.

Yep, agreed.

> How
> dose the structure of the application looklike where to put files and
> folders ??

well, first of all, cocoon is, if you wish, a huge servlet. So, it looks
like just any other j2ee webapp with a servlet container around.

dynagump is "prepackaged" with jetty running a cocoon webapp, but it's
really two things (and one could think about running dynagump in tomcat,
if one wishes to do so) I like jetty better because it's smaller and
easier to configure/embed and starts/stops faster.

The cocoon specificities are mostly:

 1) webapp/sitemap.xmap is where the pipelines are defined and where the
URL -> pipeline processing takes place (NOTE: sitemaps can nest other
sitemaps, so their location could vary and you can have multiple of them)

 2) webapp/WEB-INF/cocoon.xconf is where the cocoon configurations
remain. You should not have to do anything there.

> Remeber that I'm comming from J2EE where every config file
> and folder has it's place I'm guessing it's the same here. What config
> files do I need to know about and what is ehcache-2. The ehcache-2 is
> never alive and all I get is an Error saying so. Thats my first error in
> geting dynagump to work.

ehcache is the caching engine. cocoon is pretty agressive on caching.
you might want to tweak the cocoon.xconf settings on caching if that
still causes you troubles.

> One step at the time I'm on my way.


Note: dynagump is not the latest and greatest cocoon, so maybe there
could be bugs that are already fixed. If you sound some others let me know.


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