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From Thomas <>
Subject Re: Gump3 Presentation -- choice of technology
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 19:03:56 GMT
Hi every one !

So I'm setingup Gump and I think I'm done... The problem now is to setup
some configuration that will generate good data... a litle help with
that would be nice... just something that gives me different stuff that
can be applied to different use-cases.

More I have taken a look at the dynaGump but can't get it to woork the
application is missing a I've copied one from
the samples of the cocoon source but don't know if I need configure it
in anny special way.

Stefano Some questions for you about cocoon.

I have just poked around abit but what I find mostly is "look at the
examples". That is a good way to learn if you know some basic stuff. How
dose the structure of the application looklike where to put files and
folders ?? Remeber that I'm comming from J2EE where every config file
and folder has it's place I'm guessing it's the same here. What config
files do I need to know about and what is ehcache-2. The ehcache-2 is
never alive and all I get is an Error saying so. Thats my first error in
geting dynagump to work.

One step at the time I'm on my way.

Thanks for your help


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