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From <>
Subject AW: Gump3 presentation
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 10:28:00 GMT
>So.. after alott of research and looking in to what 
>technolegie to use the final is Java+struts. I have started 
>make some pages and code one usecase (read more on wiki page).

Which one? Do you have a link to that Wiki page?

>Since I don't have so much experience of gump and know what 
>the user might be interested in pleas come with sugestions on 
>what you whant to se and what the application should do.

Gump sends an email if a project failed. So the developer is interested
in getting the information WHY it failed. 
- error log / stacktrace
- build output
So the navigation to these infos should be easy.

Just my opinion.

>Also I have made my webserver that I work on public so if you 
>whant to see the ongoing process you can go to 
> The server will only be 
>running while I'm working so to be sure that the server is up 
>you can check with me on (if I'm 
>online the server is running.)

Cool to have running view :-)
Just my 2ct on the navigation menu design (resources/styles/cavendish/template.css)
- the <span> description is cool, but IMO it should be under the whole menu bar, because
  it´s very jerkily. The copyright statement goes down and up.
- Ah yes - copyright statement: we have 2005 (sorry Stefan ;-) and I´m not sure if
  the "and its licensors" is ok.

The main page ( refers to "Build results page", but
it´s the wrong link: you have forgotten the "results.jsp"
- I´m not sure if table borders would help reading (same for following pages); especially
  the start- and end-column are to close together
- use colours for the states; e.g. xjavac-row (success) in green, xml-apis (failed) in red,

  xml-resolver (stalled) in orange (configurable via CSS)


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