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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: SVN migration of metadata
Date Wed, 06 Jul 2005 11:59:27 GMT
> I'm halfway torn between throwing history away and simply importing
> CVS HEAD manually and doing a trunk-only conversion.  Well, not really
> true, I'd probably prefer keeping the history, but could live without
> it.  What's your preference?

+1 for keep the history.

> The second question is, where should our metadata end up in SVN?
> Probably in - I
> envision metadata branches for Gump3 later, so I'd be against a flat
> structure like site currently has.

+1 in theory,  'cos looking at our SVN tree we do seem to use /gump/X/trunk
when we have a sub-project X, but see below.

Since today folks (1) checkout Gump from SVN and (2) checkout metadata from
CVS into ./metadata, I don't see a hardship of having two places. That said,
will SVN allow us to do this w/o pain? Can we have an empty
/repos/asf/gump/trunk/metadata become a local working directory, and then
checkout /repos/asf/gump/metadata/trunk into it? I suspect not. I think we
"got away with it" because we were using two separate SCMs. Something will
have to give, I'm just not sure what, i.e. (1) no empty ./metadata w/ a
FILLME.txt (2) ../metadata not ./metadata (3) not separate SVN trees.



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