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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Accounts on,,
Date Fri, 17 Jun 2005 13:33:30 GMT
Stefano wrote in private e-mail:
> are there docs/wikis on what the machines are (disk space, memory) and
> where gump runs and what it does and all those nice things?

Not really. We're a bit messed up at the moment. There's some. Help welcome.
No. Help desperately needed. Brutus had to be repurposed (in a week or two
it'll likely be doing our SVN hosting) so I've been working on getting us
other hardware.

Loki is a little beefier than brutus (more ram) and runs vmware ESX. Vmgump
is debian unstable on top of that. We currently are the only users, but
that's destined to change. Disk space really sucks, Berin set us up with
something like 30GB.

Helios is a really big and beefy fast multi-opteron sun box with something
like 16GB ram that is used for lots of stuff, including our gump zone. We
have something like 130GB disk space on there and there'll be another TB of
storage attached to it in a few weeks of which we can eat a sizeable chunk.

Captainfantastic aka gump.osuosl is a new box that's on loan. Dual G5,
200GB+ disk, other than that I don't really know what's inside.

In general, see

And look under "machines" as well as "solaris faq" or whatever that's
called. See


For configuration steps taken (those two are uptodate and accurate).

Vmgump is currently our active gump. Run cat /proc/meminfo and cat
/proc/cpuinfo. is a mostly-unconfigured dual G5 running mac
os x 10.4 server. If you have time to help out it would be real nice if you
could take on configuring that one (if you're running 10.4 yourself you can
run the server admin console which is real slick). Basically look at the
wiki pages and wing it from there. Also make sure to review the emails on
this that went to pmc@gump and general@gump.



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