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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: SummerOfCode2005 :
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 18:40:43 GMT
On 07-06-2005 18:00, "Adam  Jack" <> wrote:
> We have (to my knowledge) three ideas posted, the first thanks to Scott.

I only knew about the first one. I brought it up in fact, on members@ :-)

> I've been contacted (twice, in the few days since I posted it) for
> gump-presentation.


BTW, I think gump-presentation is a really big thing to tackle. Especially
as we don't have any idea ourselves as to what the presentation should look
like, students tackling this will need a near-full understanding of how gump
works. Which is fine, of course :-)

> BTW: Did I hear correctly that we need one person per project, we can't have
> more than one work together?

We cannot have multiple people submit the same project plan to google, or
submit it together. Multiple students can work on the same ASF (sub)project,
but they apply seperately to google. I.e. A "person per project" is a
"person per 

> Also, logistically, where would the source code
> go -- if folks could share?

Working on that one :-). I hope it's mostly up to us to decide. Some people
suggested setting up a sourceforge project, others suggested an incubator
project. IMHO, it goes into Gump Jira, and if there's a lot of it, we vote
'em in as committers (ie, just like with regular contributions).

The mailing list setup for these kinds of questions and answers is I think you're free to subscribe, I know all mentors
should at some point.



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