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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: kaffe on vmgump
Date Wed, 01 Jun 2005 23:30:55 GMT
On 01-06-2005 18:38, "Adam R. B. Jack" <> wrote:
> I suspect Leo is either (1) swamped


> or (2) practicing "I'm only one Gumper,
> not the oracle, so figuring it out as a group is best"


> I say go for it, and we'll try to compress disk requirements to fit. I
> suspect we'll fit two (just) and I'm game for the second to be Kaffe.

I don't think so. I wrote some e-mails on this a while back, I think to
general@gump as well.

> [We can ask #INFRA for a tad more disk on this VM if we get squeezed too
> tight, but it'd be a new location/drive (since I don't believe VMWare ESX
> allows us to grow disks).]

I've asked infra@ for a bunch of stuff. The only person who can do this for
us atm is Berin Lautenbach, and it seems he's to swamped to answer e-mail.

> Or, if you are more patient than I ;-), wait and see what Leo was thinking
> when he chatted to #infra folks about vmgump.

What's there is there, there's no grand plan, we don't have a lot of disk
space available to us on loki, we have loads available on helios and loads
more on captainfantastic.

We're not getting brutus back for a few months, maybe never. This
interruption of service thing is *good*, because setting up multiple
installs multiple times on multiple machines makes us think about our
install procedures :-)

Go do stuff, and document it :-)

2 cents only,


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