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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject I've made the workspace independent of building Jaxen
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 06:48:28 GMT
Hi all,

I hope the next public build on vmgump will be a full one, not an
Axis-only one, so that we can crawl back to normal operations.

The last thing I've seen was that jaxen now required Jelly and a few
Jelly taglibs to build, all of which depend directly or indirectly on
jaxen in turn.

To deal with the ton of circular dependencies Jaxen creates (it
already had circular dependencies with dom4j and xom) we'd now also
duplicate Jelly and probably even more, build them against a packaged
version of Jaxen, then build Jaxen against those versions of Jelly and
finally rebuild Jelly against the CVS version of Jaxen.

I totally lack the time and energy to do so right now and simply
tunred all jaxen dependencies into dependencies on packaged-jaxen
instead.  I've upgraded the installed Jaxen to 1.1-beta-6 to be more
Gump-like, though.

Feel free to revert it if you want to, but don't claim I didn't warn
you that:

(1) we've disabled nagging for Jaxen because the jaxen community asked
    us to.  Don't expect help.

(2) Jaxen's tests always fail in Gump.

(3) Jaxen's HEAD requires jelly-tags-xml, but at the same time the
    build of jelly-tags-xml was broken last time we tried it because
    of a backwards incompatible change in Jaxen.  What irony.


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