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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Use "classic gump" on helios to validate descriptors
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 09:53:59 GMT
Obviously you need an account on the correct machine and be able to
sudo to the gump user ...

ssh to the machine:

-bash-3.00$ export PATH=$PATH:/opt/sfw/bin
-bash-3.00$ sudo -u gump -i
Sun Microsystems Inc.   SunOS 5.10      Generic January 2005
-bash-3.00$ cd classic
-bash-3.00$ cvs up -dP
? .timestamp
? build
? cache
? classes
? gump.xml
? jenny.jar
? work
? stylesheet/bash.xsl
? stylesheet/build.xsl
? stylesheet/jakarta.xsl
? stylesheet/move.xsl
? stylesheet/nag.xsl
? stylesheet/update.xsl
cvs update: Updating .
-bash-3.00$ ./
Merging projects into workspace

That's if everything is fine.  Now let's destroy the workspace

-bash-3.00$ rm project/ant.xml
-bash-3.00$ ./
Merging projects into workspace
Failed to expand module with href project/ant.xml
   - /export/home/gump/classic/project/ant.xml (No such file
or directory)
No cache cache/project_ant.xml.xml available.

So if there is any other output, something is wrong.

Unfortunately Jenny doesn't seem to set the exit code properly, so we
can't use that for now.


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