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From Aldo Cortesi <>
Subject Re: Apache Gump now uses pylid
Date Fri, 24 Jun 2005 04:27:19 GMT
Thus spake Leo Simons (

> I found
> while looking for a usable code coverage tool and test
> runner. It's much better than what we (Gump [1]) had (we
> used from Zope which is a real ugly script
> which I made uglier to have it run our tests).

Cool - glad you find pylid useful! 

> I changed it a little bit to support multiple "basedir"
> arguments since we have several source trees to aggregate.
> Patch attached. Feel free to reuse under the BSD license
> or the Apache License v2.0, or not, whatever.

Yes, multiple base directories does seem to be a useful
feature. I've had a look at your patch for this, and I think
it would be better to pass the -b option multiple times to
indicate multiple base directories, rather than pass a
colon-delimited list of directories. This keeps the
mechanism general (i.e. the rare cases where you may have a
directory-name containing a colon), and it fits in better
with the way pylid currently handles exclusion directories
(passing -e multiple times). 

> We may be adding some more features or modding the code a
> little to work in our environment. If you feel like it you
> could follow that progress at

I'll keep an eye on this.

> Also, it isn't generating the coverage stats properly just
> yet, but I'm sure I'll figure that out.

If you find any cases where pylid fails to work correctly,
I'd be very interested in knowing about them. A minimal case
should be added to the unit tests to reproduce the problem,
and then we should fix it.... 

> If I do mod stuff I'll be happy to provide patches to
> integrate upstream but I couldn't find any info on a
> version control repo so...

I'd be more than happy to fold back improvements that are
not too specific to your project back into Pylid - please
keep me up to date if it isn't too much trouble. At the
moment the version control for pylid is internal to
Nullcube, but if there is enough activity I'd be happy to
make a CVS or subversion repository publically available. 

Thanks for letting me know about using pylid!



Aldo Cortesi
Off: (02) 9283 1131
Mob: 0419 492 863

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