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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: GSoC Gump-related project breakdown
Date Thu, 30 Jun 2005 14:44:26 GMT

> I would like to know who is working on what, who is the mentor and what
> their plans are.

When I sent the list of the two to the Gump PMC list, I failed to recall
that the URLs were protected. You e-mail is a timely reminder to 'speak' to
those who got accepted, and those who did not.

Apache recieved over 700 applicants for eventually 38 projects (a number we
did not know until a day before deadline day) so unfortunately there were
was a lot of disappointment, for ASFers included. To those of you who
applied for a Gump project, but failed to be accepted, please accept our
thanks for your interest & our shared disappointment in not being able to

The reasons for acceptance/rejection were many, and varied, although one
prime motivator was how 'interesting' the project was to the ASF community
as a whole, not individual projects/mentors, etc. As such, if your project
was not accepted, please don't read too much into it. With OSS one needs
one's own sense of purpose and some "thick skin". Please utilize it now.

The two accepted for Gump (see [1]) are:

 Project: gump-and-maven
     Make gump 3 bootstrap and integrate maven and maven 2

 Mentor: Scott Sanders
 Participant: Justin Merz

Project: gump-presentation
     Provide a web interface to the gump 3 database

Mentor: Adam Jack
Participant: Thomas Hedin

For both, plans are still developing...

No applications were accepted for:
Project: gump-doap
Title Make gump 3 integrate Description of a Project (DOAP)
Mentor: Adam Jack




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