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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Summer code (google)
Date Wed, 08 Jun 2005 02:28:41 GMT
Hi MOA3333,

Yup, you described it; i.e. allow Gump3 to parse DOAP information
( and populate it's internal object model from the
results. An optional extra would be to generate DOAP information  for Gump

BTW: You'd probably want to find a Python RDF parser, let that create the
in-memory triple store for you, and populate Gump3's internal objects from
that. That said, Leo might have an idea about going DOAP RDF to Gump3
(normalized) XML instead, not sure. I suspect not, but we'll see what he


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "MOA3333" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, June 07, 2005 2:10 PM
Subject: Summer code (google)

I looked closer at the project for a web interface. I don't know
servets, etc... even php implies learning php and also html and mysql in
a short time. It is still intresting but then i looked on other projects
from google, and there are some in java and not so many in python
(blender i never used it, and Python Foundation is not always in python
but is C sometimes).

There is the task "Make gump 3 integrate Description of a Project
(DOAP)" that i looked at. I guess the most difficult is to parse the xml
file, and then integrate the information with Gump. I am just about to
finish a beginner book about python, i know the basics, not the
ntegratin with java or JPython, but i hope it is not the most difficut
part in this project. I already used an XML parser (DOM???), but not in

DOAP is intresting as idea, on the same line with my latest work on

I don't know how much work is there, but in any case i will learn python
and this is also good. Depending on the feedback i will prepare an email
for google.

PS: I don't know why, but i cannot use postfix on localhost to send
emails to gump ml.

Adam R. B. Jack wrote:
>Hi MOA3333,
>Basically we have a database (in MySQL) that is constantly updated with
>produced by Gump runs, and we wish to present this data to users, for
>navigation/drill down. Currently Gump2 generates static HTML from it's
>and this takes a lot of effort, generates a lot of (often cluttered) data,
>all of which is often unused. With Gump3 we wish to be dynamic; pulling
>information from the database upon demand, allowing users to request what
>they want (by click, menu, or whatever). For the old way, see [1] and some
>of the painful static data at [2],[3]:
>Some folks would like this to be done via Apache Cocoon, however we don't
>have anybody looking into that right now. It could be done via Servlets,
>JSP, Struts, or even PHP. It could also be done via some Python plug-in to
>Apache, I (myself) don't currently have the skills there to mentor that. I
>believe mod_python would work, but that would require you to learn that
>other project. So long as this is a simple yet powerful interface it
>really matter what technology is chosen.
>Perhaps scan this thread on the database to see what seems most appropriate
>to the schema:
>Thanks for your interest in Apache Gump.
>BTW: Please come join us on the Apache Gump mailing list for further (open)
>discussion. Best you speak to all of us, than just one.
>----- Original Message ----- 
>From: "MOA3333" <>
>To: <>
>Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2005 6:49 PM
>Subject: gump-presentation, google summer for students
>>(reseding the email from web interface, didn't worked from postfix with
>>dynamic ip, ...hmm)
>> Hi, i've read the prposals for apache (the ones for google students).
>>   There is one called *Provide a web interface to the gump 3 database*
>> and two others related to "gump"
>>  I am a student from France (23 years). I mostly worked in java
>>  recently, and basic, pascal, C, C++ a little in the past long time
>>  ago.  This year i learned some basics of perl and right now i want to
>>  learn python, and i like it very  much. My experience with perl is no
>>  program yet, but i do good programs ususaly in other languages.    My
>>  programming with html is not good, but i have basic knledge of XML,
>>  some html and how SQL databases work. i also like much all linux and
>>  used gentoo in the past and now i use debian.
>>  This project may be a good way to learn python for me and maybe to
>>  obtain money and to help some Free Software projects. Since i know
>>  nothing about any apache project source code  i wanted to know if
>>  there is anything in python i can help without learning more about
>>  apache. Some java is good ok, but i don't like java so much even if i
>>  know it better for now.  It should be good if it is related to only
>>  one program.
>>  I must want to know what should be done, and what can be done. I don't
>>  mind coding complicated algorithms, but i don't want to understand the
>>  code of 10 diferent unrelated projects....

-- - Same, same, but different.

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