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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r180173 - in /gump/branches/Gump3
Date Mon, 06 Jun 2005 13:38:15 GMT

> On 06-06-2005 01:22, "" <> wrote:
> > 1) added -b --do-builds (defaults to FALSE, like --do-updates, for
> > devel)
> Do you think we should have a "stage" abstraction or something like that,
> ie, will there be many more --do-blah-blah? If so, we might want to have
> this

Like you, I expect more, but I figure we let the number get to 3
(semi-arbitrary, just the first real 'N') before we did anything. I do think
we need (desperately need, not just want) to be able to quickly
parse/validate the metadata and/or display it (before a commit, etc.) [We've
experienced a few metadata errors recently, and we ought have helped the
users through those.] This is only one example, and as such I think
configuring the plug-in selections/algorythms based of user choices (e.g
these or --debug) will likely become key.

For Gump2 we attempted separate scripts bin/, bin/,
bin/ and so forth. This was in part to emulate Gump1, in part to
allow separate comand lines per 'task'. I don't want to return to this
approach, just reminding of it. We probably have too many possible
permutations for simple combo-options like run-build. For now, I say keep
tinkering w/ options until we know better.

> > 3) Avoid floating point crash when no statistics to display
> That's a great example of something that I hacked together too quickly and
> should've tested more properly. While I appreciate you cleaning up some of
> my mess, you can also just slap me on the fingers :-)

Leo, bugs happen -- even to you. ;-) No finger slapping coming.

Sometimes the best ideas come from a good idea w/ a poor implementation
(again, something I've heard folks say about OSS projects :-). I say we
don't get anal about every line of code being great, just about having great

> > Modified: gump/branches/Gump3/pygump/python/gump/engine/
> > +            import pprint
> > +            pprint.pprint(domtree)
> I'm guessing you didn't mean to commit that.

Nope. Heck, I even do the "svn diff" religiously before commits, but missed
this. Oh well, thanks for catching it. Gone (for next commit).



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