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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Gump runs stopped?
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 20:09:59 GMT
>. Adam, could you give
> some pointers (filenames and linenumbers) where you think the insertion
> point for a cyclic dependency checker should be in gump3?

I think Gump3 has some such code in there already.

What I think is missing is an (equally supported) use case of "check
metadata" that is as well used/supported as "build" or "update and build".
Basically we need a code path (and/or algorithm/set of plugins) that
verifies the metadata & (perhaps) notifies and/or 'documents' (to DB?).

The main reason I added --do-builds (to match --do-updates) -- so when
neither is specified it does a verify. I was to use what is there for this
purpose. Trouble is, that fails to publish this information to the masses.
It'll do for now, but it needs a re-think.

Gump2 fell down here 'cos it tried to objectify all the metadata, and then
annotate it with errors (e.g. circular dependency here.) This meant the
object tree was "untrustworthy", containing bogus references/object, hence
the crashes and hacks. Gump3's approach to drop bad things makes the tree
trustworthy, but lacking in this bad information, so Gump3 can't use it's
plug-ins to publish.

In short, no quick fix comes to me.



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