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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject Gump3 and IRC
Date Tue, 28 Jun 2005 00:17:06 GMT
I've been tinkering with an IRC plug-in for Gump3 that allows it to interact
with an IRC channel.

Given how long our runs are, it seems reasonable that we'd like to interact
with them in real-time. Theoretically Gump3 could (one day) become a
long-lived IRC bot that took requests/instructions (i.e. build this, re-load
this metadata, etc.) but I think this is a good first tinker. We'll see what
we think of this, and if it proves useful.

To configure this plugin simply type:

    bash gump run

to have the nickname "gump3" connect to channel #asfgump.

BTW: --debug will make it more verbose.

Right now this is experimental. It takes commands (replying to the
requesting user) and
gives output on start-up/shutdown and all module/project
process/skip/failure. The commands it processes are:

1) version -- what version are you?
2) help -- tell me how to talk to you.
3) disconnect -- go away.
4) die -- really really go away. [We'll see if we have issues w/ this or
5) ... ok, we need some real ones next. e.g. querying the run order, eta of
X, status of X, enable/disable debug, etc. etc.

The plugin uses:

Which (despite documentation lackings) is functional enough, it seems &
lighter weight than some of the others I've looked at. That said, I'm game
to switch should we find a better candidate.

There are a few issues w/ the current implementation:

1) If the gump run is short (a few seconds long) the IRCbot doesn't get
chance to log in.
2) The shutdown doesn't appear clean (it exists the IRC channel, but not
stating done.) For me (on win32) the thread.join seems to exit prematurely,
so I've hacked in a nasty sleep. I'll test this on other OSes.
3) Sometimes a run simply fails to connect (for no obvious reason.) Maybe
this is due to some spambot avoidance at, who knows.

Let me know your thoughts on this.



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