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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: I've made the workspace independent of building Jaxen
Date Thu, 02 Jun 2005 21:31:59 GMT
> Sorry about that, I was trying to debug why mail wasn't going out
> morning) and just selected an AXIS one 'cos I knew a nag ought go. I ran a
> full build right afterwards, but for some inexplicable reason it hung,
> no more Gump builds. I've killed that, and hope the next run starts soon.

Ok, the usual:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "bin/", line 113, in ?
  File "bin/", line 90, in irun
    result = getRunner(run).perform()
  File "/x1/gump/public/gump/python/gump/core/runner/", line 249,
in perform
    return self.performRun()
  File "/x1/gump/public/gump/python/gump/core/runner/", line 182,
in performRun
  File "/x1/gump/public/gump/python/gump/core/model/", line 696,
in getModule
    if not self.inModule(): raise RuntimeError, 'Project [' + + ']
not in a module.]'
RuntimeError: Project [saxpath] not in a module.]
Process Exit Code : 1

I've not (yet) taught vmgump to complain when it exits.

I started (a week ago) trying to make Gump2 not die in this case, it is too
annoying. Unfortunately I'm not quite there. Gump3 was smart enough to catch
such things earlier (or most, so far) but I'm close to patching Gump2 until
Gump3 grows wings and flies. I'll get back to that to commit a fix.



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