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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject SummerOfCode2005 :
Date Tue, 07 Jun 2005 16:00:51 GMT
We have (to my knowledge) three ideas posted, the first thanks to Scott.
I've been contacted (twice, in the few days since I posted it) for

BTW: Did I hear correctly that we need one person per project, we can't have
more than one work together? Also, logistically, where would the source code
go -- if folks could share?

Below is what I've replied with so far:


Basically we have a database (in MySQL) that is constantly updated with data
produced by Gump runs, and we wish to present this data to users, for
navigation/drill down. Currently Gump2 generates static HTML from it's runs,
and this takes a lot of effort, generates a lot of (often cluttered) data,
all of which is often unused. With Gump3 we wish to be dynamic; pulling
information from the database upon demand, allowing users to request what
they want (by click, menu, or whatever). For the old way, see [1] and some
of the painful static data at [2],[3]:


Some folks would like this to be done via Apache Cocoon, however we don't
have anybody looking into that right now. It could be done via Servlets,
JSP, Struts, or even PHP. It could also be done via some Python plug-in to
Apache, I (myself) don't currently have the skills there to mentor that. So
long as this is a simple yet powerful interface it doesn't really matter
what technology is chosen.

Perhaps scan this thread on the database to see what seems most appropriate
to the schema:

Thanks for your interest in Apache Gump.

BTW: Please come join us on the Apache Gump mailing list for further (open)
discussion. Best you speak to all of us, than just one.




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