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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: vmgump official w/ notification
Date Fri, 27 May 2005 23:43:41 GMT
On 27-05-2005 18:53, "Adam R. B. Jack" <> wrote:
>> I've enabled public on vmgump [1] to (1) do an official build each day and
>> (2) deliver notifications via e-mail when it does.  With Brutus gone, it
>> seems time.
> I just burned more time than I wanted spend tracking down why vmgump was not
> sending notification e-mails. It logged that the Notifier actor (plugin) was
> not being loaded, but  the reason for that eluded me. After a lot of code
> scanning, and trial-and-error, and head scratching ... I finally went in to
> hack some debug into the running code. I found that somebody had (on vmgump)
> commented out the "add notifier" section! Since the edit was local (not
> checked in) the "svn update", that Gump does on itself, was not
> finding/correct this.


I really can't remember doing that. I also can't find any reference in my
bash_history of editing a python file.

Why would I have done that? It just doesn't make sense. Did you try to 'svn
revert' the change and see what happens?

> 1) Please let's no do this again. Now that vmgump is the "livest" thing we
> have, let's treat it as production.
> 2) One can disable notifications simply by removing <nag/> from the
> workspace. If there were more problems than this, perhaps log a JIRA entry.
> 3) I deleted public/gump an re-checked out from
> not TRUNK.

Ah. Eh. Ack. Please udate VmgumpConfig on the wiki to reflect that.

> 4) Any thoughts on if/how we stop this happening to us (unnoticed) again?
> Can we (if "official") do an SVN forced sync?

I would say that, given that

1) I didn't change any code after svn checkout (just went through bash
2) you and me are the only people with accounts on vmgump

It follows that

-> trunk needs to be changed to enable nagging in the presence of <nag/>

Except that you're indicating it was a local modification.

Which means in all likelyhood someone should be pointing a finger at me.
Sorry :-$


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