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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Gump3 ideas/questions
Date Sat, 21 May 2005 17:58:00 GMT
> Adam, I had discussions like this for years and years over in avalon land.

Enuf said! ;-)

> > I was thinking of the "update & build & document[to DB]" chain (say) for
> > ant. Once done, are all the details of the build, that documentation
> > still needed?
> Once done, don't we just exit the gump run?

If the algorythm (which Gump2's became) is:

    update module A, build project A, document (to DB) A, notify A.
    update module B, build project B, document (to DB) B, notify B.

.. and you have hundreds of projects, there is a lot of time/accumulation
before the exit. Folks want this type of algorythm (than update A,B... build
A/B... doc ... notify ...) otherwise the window between "problem
notification" and "next update" is too small. As such, the first algorythm
make module/project A "reapable" early.

> > I meant reaping to death, not paging out. We'll see if it is
> > needed, but somehow the algorythm would need to know when a model is
> > for this run", and/or the Reaper plugin would and/or we'd need a special
> > plugin the algoruthm "understood".
> Plugin writing would be a lot easier if you wouldn't have to worry about
> data that was there before not being there at a later point.

Clearly. As such, I'm game to wait and see if we get the need. Alternatively
we could (again, if needed) try your "page out" idea and then if a plugin
was re-used (for some odd reason) the data wouldn't be gone.



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