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From "Adam Jack" <>
Subject Gump3 (ant & ant-dist) now what?
Date Fri, 20 May 2005 20:21:43 GMT
So, with the addition of tools.jar to the classpath Ant (from bootstrap-ant)
can now build dist-ant under Gump3. We are starting to see Gump3 interact w/
it's customer base. :-) I think the next important steps are to define a
good working set (maybe a test profile) of projects to build. Since Gump3
has CVS&SVN(not P4 yet, sorry) and Ant (for Java) capabilities (albeit they
can hang) we ought be able to work a little ways up the chain.

I think we are going to run into "properties" next, both system and user
properties. I don't see these in the Gump3 model, and do worry (a little)
about implementing them. There is some "interesting" logic in Gump1/Gump2
about properties and depends (and interactions between the two). Not sure if
Gump3 wants the same, or not. This can wait a little for Leo/others to stew
on it before I dive in, 'cos (like "delayed resolving of physical paths from
model") I'm interested in new perspectives.

When I get access to a Gump machine (likely vmgump) I'd like to set it up so
that this link [1] points to a Gump3 text output log (w/ or w/o --debug)
[2]. No need for any HTML, just automation (from cron)/publication (over
HTTP). [If I don't acquire karma to do that, I'd appreciate if somebody else
could do it.] I'm eager to see Gump3 start writing into the database, so we
(somebody) can provide a presentation/query tool.

With Gump3 up and running (shared) and generating output, I think we'll get
a good indication of how near far we are from something workable, and it'll
highlight where we need to focus.

BTW: Talking of focus, I'd like to maintain this Wiki page (if another
doesn't make sense) for 'Gump3 wishlist' stuff that has not (yet) made it
into JIRA. Anything worthwhile can get stripped from there and placed into



                              BUILD RESULTS
  Run started:  19 May 2005 12:51:59
  Run finished: 19 May 2005 12:55:41

  Project build statistics
      Total | Failed | Prereq Failed | Skipped | Success | Cyclic Dependency
          8 |      0 |             0 |       0 |       8 |                 0
       100% |   0.0% |          0.0% |    0.0% |  100.0% |              0.0%

  Project build log
  <Project: bogus>: OK
  <Project: bogus2>: OK
  <Project: bogus3>: OK
  <Project: bogus4>: OK
  <Project: bootstrap-ant>: OK
  <Project: dist-ant>: OK
  <Project: gump-test1>: OK
  <Project: test-attempt-dir-management>: OK

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