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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Gump's History By E-mail from April 2004 to April 2005
Date Mon, 25 Apr 2005 20:42:41 GMT
Hi gang,

I said I would do this, didn't I? I'm installing solaris 10 atm, which is
taking ages...

08 Jun 2004: Java Gump is officially retired

17 Jun 2004: Adam announces "CleanUp" branch which becomes a big rewrite

25 Jun 2004: Open source Wing IDE licenses help productivity

25 Jun 2004 (busy day): Gump starts using JDK 1.5

08 Jul 2004: We almost move to a java implementation...

12 Jul 2004: ...instead efforts start to make the code more readable

22 Jul 2004: Lots of people start throwing out "wild ideas"$

24 Jul 2004: Stefano starts digging into gump

10 Aug 2004: Gump starts reaching out to the "free java" community

30 Aug 2004: First signs of gump falling over under development pressure

01 Sep 2004: Gump (sorta) gets NAnt support

02 Oct 2004: Stefano starts dynagump...

03 Oct 2004: ...starts talking about software architecture...

07 Oct 2004: ...tries to get the tree into a stable state...

19 Oct 2004: ...doing "manual nags" aka human-assisted-gump

31 Oct 2004: Kaffe's Dalibor Topic gets involved, we start using kaffe

26 Nov 2004: gump starts building APR and soon after HTTPD

30 Nov 2004: ...Stefano gets sick of the nagging, we almost turn it off

06 Dec 2004: Gump 3.0 is proposed after being discussed at ApacheCon

28 Dec 2004: Leo starts what will eventually become the "Gump3" branch

26 Feb 2005: Leo presents gump to the "free java" community at Fosdem

06 Apr 2005: Adam gets to work on "Gump3" branch

I figured I'd keep the amount of stuff from 2005 that I link to a little
limited as its hard to tell right now what will be the important bits,
actually its like that for most of the past year, esp. as I've been more
actively involved with gump recently. That's probably why the list is also
longer than the previous one relative to the period covered, but its also
longer because we've been generating more traffic and more wild ideas
recently. Hey, there might be some connection between the amount of heresy
and the scope of my involvement, who would've thought that :-D

FYI, there's some mailing list statistics at
And community statistics at
(bound to be moved somewhere else sometime soon)

Considering the limited number of people on this list, we produce a whole
lot of e-mail :-D

Oh, and a disclaimer might be in order as well. I didn't apply any kind of
procedure in generating these lists. Basically I strolled through the
archive and clicked on stuff I found interesting (based on subject line or
the size of the thread or how much output the solaris installer was
generating at some point in time) and linked to it if I thought others might
find it interesting. That means there's a whole bunch of very important
stuff that's happened not in those lists at all (for example because I found
it kinda boring or very much without controversy).
Don't take it personally ;-)

Oh and finally let's not forget:

18 Jul 2005: gump developers churn out massive amounts of brilliant code
during ApacheCon Europe hackathon

Whoah. Solaris is actually finished copying files from its 4 cds. That's my

G'night all!


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