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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: Logging insights for Gump3 please
Date Tue, 19 Apr 2005 18:35:21 GMT
On 19-04-2005 17:25, "Adam  Jack" <> wrote:
> I learn a program's behaviour from watching it's logs. I want to see the
> Gump3 logs, but am getting a headache trying to figure out how:
> 1) Why is there a long pause before logs start spewing when one
> does --debug? Is some file buffered?

I dunno. Could be. Could you be a little more specific about what you're
seeing and when what pauses? On every 'run' invocation the 'gump' shell
scripts removes *.pyc then recompiles and re-imports, that's part of the

> How can I get "spew as you go
> behaviour" so I can 'watch' it?

Uhh...that's what I'm getting.

> 2)  Why do some things (like "DEBUG -   Outputting all log data (a lot)...")
> come out to the console, but not the rest of the logging information?

That's configured in the log config, console and file use slightly different
formatters. What do you think it should be?

> [I see that rather than fork another process for the "pygump engine run" we
> import and run it. I assume that and SVN run (updating the pygump/.../*.py
> file) ought not be imported at that point, but I feel like I'm seeing what
> feels like a log 'bleed' that suggests otherwise.]

I don't get the above. What?

> 3) I'd like to understand logging in parts ... (1) gump (2) main (3) pygump.
> I suspect that there is a redirect in (1) that I'd like to change to a
> 'tee', but can't find it. [BTW: I once tried using Python to test if stdout
> was to a console, or not, but I never seemed to get correct behaviour (on
> Windows, at least).]

Basically I want to set up "proper" logging in the config file, but I also
want to do some logging before loading the config file. So there's a logger
in We could change that.

It's kinda hacky atm as I didn't figure out how we should have both the gump
logging module and our own logger write to the same file. The log config
file doesn't allow timestamped logs and the like AFAIK.

> BTW: I tried writing a pretty print plug-in, but I believe that is what
> logreporter is meant to do. unfortunately, for me, the promised "lots of
> data" fails to appear. Any clues why?

Eh, no. Could you send run.log and gump_log_xxx along with console output?
I've got a feeling you're not seeing the same thing I'm seeing...



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