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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Gump's History By E-mail up to April 2004
Date Wed, 20 Apr 2005 21:04:19 GMT
Hi gang!

Python gump is now a little over two years old!

Congratulations everyone :-D

Oh, and, FWIW, I would say that "gump" in one form or another is now 
about 4 years, 3 months old. Older than I thought actually...just some 
highlights from the past few years (gotta love mail archives):

21 Sep 2000: Apache "tinderbox" idea is born

18 Jan 2001: Sam writes tinderbox prototype code

26 Jan 2001: Gump moves to jakarta

18 Feb 2001: Scott ports gump to ant (uses python!)$f1ae9b50$1e01a8c0@athena%3e

04 Apr 2001: Alexandria (including gump) presented at ApacheCon 2001

09 Apr 2001: Gump development starts picking up after ApacheCon...

08 May 2002: Gump builds maven

13 Jul 2002: First attempt at "historical result tracking"

12 Nov 2002: Gump repository is opened up to all of apache

01 Jan 2003: jakarta-gump is set up (from alexandria remnants)

13 Apr 2003: Sam rewrites gump basics in python$cq4$

23 Aug 2003: Adam get's sucked into gump development$3dh$

11 Sep 2003: Gumpy is set up on lsd$01c6f200$84163b41@tsws1%3e

09 Oct 2003: Java gump starts dying along with Sam's machine$20316580$8bdea8c0@vma%3e

26 Nov 2003: Gump gets subversion support$c305f340$9c27fea9@tsws1%3e

01 Dec 2003: Actual start of support for maven$82ac4dd0$9c27fea9@tsws1%3e

19 Feb 2004: Gump announced as top level project

03 Mar 2004: Stefan starts committing to Python Gump, others follow suit

08 Mar 2004: Stefano starts his RT series

18 Mar 2004: Much improvement to "State of the Gump tree"

25 Mar 2004: Gump gets its dedicated ASF box, "brutus"

25 Mar 2004: Leo starts his RT series$sqg$

21 Apr 2004: First appearance of "intelligent algorithm" ideas

Maybe I'm going to do last year (april 2004 -- april 2005) tomorrow if 
there's interest. Is there?



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