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From Leo Simons <>
Subject More jira cleanup!!
Date Mon, 18 Apr 2005 21:15:52 GMT
Hi gang (Adam in particular),

I've gone through all the open issues for Gump2. A lot of them were 
fixed already, and a whole lot have been fixed (or were never broken) in 
the Gump3 codebase. What remains is just these 6:

Some of which I don't understand, some of which could be rescheduled to 
one of the gump3 versions (but I wasn't sure about that).

Could you guys have a browse through jira:

especially all the stuff I changed just now:

and make sure if that's okay, then take a look if there's any open 
issues that can be closed (as fixed, invalid or something else):

One of the nice things about cleaning up is that you end up with a 
useful roadmap:

And a lot better statistics:

   Open -- 38 [31%]
   Closed -- 83 [69%]

(I hope the links all work, you never really know with jira ;)



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