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From "Adam R. B. Jack" <>
Subject Re: Random Gump3 questions
Date Sun, 10 Apr 2005 22:27:29 GMT
> On 06-04-2005 17:25, "Adam  Jack" <> wrote:
> > 1) External PlugIns
> >
> > I'd really like to hear design/implementation ideas about
> > discovery/life-cycle of plug-ins to Gump3.
> My initial idea number one: don't design ahead of need.

I hear ya, but we've heard the need for this expressed (over and over) by
folks w.r.t Gump2. Given that one main reason for Gump3 is to get community
developers involved, and since allowing them to write simple plug-ins is a
good way to empower external developers, I'd like to have this ability.

> I'd prefer having it as a "small" one by leveraging python's features for
> this kind of stuff as much as possible :-D. What do you think of the idea
> above?

I like the concept of what you said, and agree to leveraging Python to keep
it simple. I'm kinda surprized there isn't some plug model or module
pre-existing, but I'm not good at search the net for things like that. For a
home grown solution, I'm not so sure about editing a file, I might prefer us
simply placing python scripts in a certain plug-ins directory, finding them,
loading them, and calling a pre-defined 'insert yourself into me' method.
Again, before anything is implemented, I think I ought do some web searching

> > 2) OnDemand Metadata Loading

Ok, so I'll just start w/ a simple/small profile for my 'live' testing.



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